Causes of Medical Malpractice

Some of the ways doctors can commit negligence are:

  • by failing to timely or correctly diagnose a medical problem;
  • by failing to properly treat the medical problem;
  • by prescribing the wrong type or amount of medicine;
  • by improperly performing a surgical procedure;
  • by properly performing an uncalled for surgical procedure;
  • by abandoning a patient;
  • by failing to perform a needed surgical or medical procedure; and/or
  • by failing to obtain the patient’s informed consent before conducting a medical or surgical procedure.

Some of the ways hospitals can commit negligence are:

  • by a doctor for whom they are responsible committing negligence;
  • by one of their nurses committing negligence;
  • by inadequate sanitation;
  • by failing to prevent infections;
  • by failing to maintain equipment;
  • by failing to police the doctors to whom it grants privileges and for whom it appears to be responsible;
  • by failing to properly train their nurses and staff; and/or
  • by failing to institute and/or assure compliance with procedures designed to enhance patient safety and care.

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